Our Philosophy

"I was amazed by the sight that was presented to me in the waters of Le Mourillon – rocks covered with green. Brown and silver forests of seaweed and fish, some I had never seen, that danced in the crystalline water. I found myself in a jungle that had never been seen by those that sail over it's opaque roof "
(Jacques Cousteau 1936)

Once it was a dream to be part of the Tropical nature without using breathing equipment. Today it is a dream comes true. The modern reef aquarium brings home the Tropical reef wild life from the Red Sea, the Maldives, the Caribbean or Indonesia.
You have in your home the true sense and richness of Tropical life. Beautiful stony corals, soft corals, Gorgonians, brains – divided your tank space into small spaces through which multicolored fish have their territory.

The complicated structures created by the polyps on the calcareous skeletons, the builders of this underwater empire. Together, the colored Zooxantela, tentacles and sea anemones create a mosaic in which each one is a perfect formation, a surprising colorful fragment that fit perfectly against its neighbors to form a wonderful and indescribable pattern.

In order to keep it as close as possible to nature you need to firstly use the real source of this milieu – TROPICAL SEA SALT. Any other salt simply do not have the right composition for the tropical corals and fish.
Sea salt obtained by the evaporation of seawater. The principle of the production is the evaporation of water from the brine which is seawater saturated with a salt (sodium chloride). The process is better by solar energy and have the better chemical elements for the modern reef aquarium in the salt produced in the tropical zone.

Therefore, we could not make any compromise related to the source – real tropical sea salt that was evaporated in tropical water, and contains all macro and micro elements ready for your reef tank.