Royal Ammonia Professional Fresh Water Test Kit - Instructions

Keep out of reach of children.

Before any use of the vial test or measuring scoop, make sure it is washed with RO water only and dry it up with a soft paper.

Attention: keep NH3-1 and NH3-2 reagents always in dark place (in the box) and minimize its exposure to light.

Results of Royal ammonia professional test kit are in PPM.
Each kit will give you 100 tests.

1. Using the 2 ml syringe, add 2 ml of aquarium water to the test vial.

2. Add 5 drops of NH3-1 to the test vial and swirl gently for 10 seconds.

The solution in the test vial will attain yellow - equal to 0 mg/l of Ammonia in the colors chart.
At this stage it is recommended to compare the solution color with the zero color on the chart.
From here, any color change will point out for any Ammonia levels by the different colors of the chart.

3. Add 5 drops of NH3-2 to the test vial and swirl gently for 10 seconds.

4. Allow it to stand for 5 minutes.

5. Hold the test vial next to the supplied color chart on a part of the chart which is white and compare the colors looking from
the side of the test vial. Read the corresponding Ammonia content. An intermediate color corresponds to intermediate
Ammonia content.