Royal Nature – A Name You Can Trust

Innovation, creativity, imagination and commitment for the best product in maintaining your tank, positioned Royal Nature high among old "sharks" in the salty water industry. Despite the enormous developments in this hobby, our vision, supported by current research in the field is and will always be; “There is nothing like NSW (natural sea water) for your beloved corals and fish.” We are innovators in developing a formula as close as possible to NSW. These parameters are exactly how your corals need them to thrive and as close to Mother Nature as possible. We were not tempted as others have been, adding different chemicals and changing their basic formulas over the years. We are committed to our product and our philosophy in providing the most natural environment for your corals and fish to flourish. Our reward is the recognition by every hobbyist using our salts say: Royal Nature salt is - A NAME YOU CAN TRUST. Our commitment is to supply you the only natural salt that keep its parameters the closest as possible to NSW.